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bug in nodemgmt.c?

Dear All,

During the final testing of my model-based-patch I think I found a bug 
in fs/jffs2/nodemgmt.c

In function jffs2_mark_node_obsolete() at the part of "Merge with the 
next node in the physical list, if there is one and if it's also 
obsolete" there is a comment: "we don't need to check jeb->last_node".

Is it right? Because I think we should deal with jeb->last_node here, or 
should not use "D1(ACCT_PARANOIA_CHECK(jeb));" statement any more, but 
now it is used by also this function.

ACCT_PARANOIA_CHECK walk throught the nodes (using next_phys) and if at 
the end of the list is not equals to jeb->last_node than halts. 
Unfortunatelly with simple "NULL pointer dereference" without any 
usefull messages.

Just say I'm right and I fix this problem in the CVS (a single
"if (jeb->last_node == n) jeb->last_node=ref;" line into nodemgmt.c and 
better message in ACCT_PARANOIA_CHECK).


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