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RE: model based compressor support

> In mkfs.jffs2 I intoduced a "compression configuration" concept. It is a 
> string with comma separated words. Every word can be a name of the 
> compressor (with priority, optoinally), or a compression mode. The 
> default value of it is "priority,zlib:70,rtime:60". It equals the 
> behavior of the original mkfs.jffs2. New switches of the mkfs.jffs2:
> -C, --default-compr-config=CONFIG: Set the default compression 
> configuration.
> -F, --compressor-config-file=FILENAME: Specifies a compression config 
> file. In this config  file  every line must be in format 
> name, TYPE can be only  one  of  the file  or  model keywords, and 
> COMPRESSOIN_CONFIG must be a valid compression configuration. This 
> specified  file will  be  compressed the specified compressor 
> configuration. All of the non specified files will be  compressed  by 
> the  default compression  configuration.   For  example a line of this 
> config file can  be:  "boot/zImage;file;priority,zlib:60,rtime:50",  an 
> other example: "model.armlib;model;zlib:60".

Is it possible to specify that all files in a specific directory should
be uncompressed? How?


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