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Re: model based compressor support

Hi Jocke,

> No, it is not urgent. I just wanted to make sure that when I do upgrade to 2.6,
> there would be something like this avalible. We download packages which
> are already gzipped and it make little sense to try to compress them again.
> By marking a directory in JFFS2 as "do not try to compress" we can avoid that
> and hopefully the download will be quicker.

Maybe I misunderstood you. Do you need this feature when the filesystem 
is already mounted? Now this support will available only for mkfs time. 
It means mkfs will not compress files in that directory but there is an 
other thing after mounting it.

If it helps you I can provide an unofficial proc interface support. 
Using it you will be able to change the compression mode - but not only 
for a directory but globally. When you download already compressed files 
you can set it to "none" and if the downloading is completed you can set 
back to "priority" or "size" compression mode. (I know this is not the 
nicest solution but now there is no better implemented yet - maybe later)


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