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RE: model based compressor support

Hi Ferenc

> Hi Jocke,
> > No, it is not urgent. I just wanted to make sure that when I do upgrade to 2.6,
> > there would be something like this avalible. We download packages which
> > are already gzipped and it make little sense to try to compress them again.
> > By marking a directory in JFFS2 as "do not try to compress" we can avoid that
> > and hopefully the download will be quicker.
> Maybe I misunderstood you. Do you need this feature when the filesystem 
> is already mounted? Now this support will available only for mkfs time. 
> It means mkfs will not compress files in that directory but there is an 
> other thing after mounting it.

You didn't. I did :( I thought runtime support was there also, my mistake.
But it would be nice to be able to control compression in run time.
I think there is some preparation already in place for that via chattr?)
Perhaps it would be enough to be able to mark selected directories at
mkfs time.

> If it helps you I can provide an unofficial proc interface support. 
> Using it you will be able to change the compression mode - but not only 
> for a directory but globally. When you download already compressed files 
> you can set it to "none" and if the downloading is completed you can set 
> back to "priority" or "size" compression mode. (I know this is not the 
> nicest solution but now there is no better implemented yet - maybe later)

I don't think this will work for me.


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