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Re: model based compressor support

David Woodhouse wrote:
> That's what usercompr was designed for.... but didn't you already steal
> it?

Now in in CVS there are only preparations for stealing it :)

I planed to store model serial on it (in the patch I sent), but it is 
too big for that. 3-4 bits is enough, and we can use the other 4-5 bits 
to store this information - let's call this bits as userconf.

My suggestion:
-if userconf is 0 then everything works as before.
-if it is 1 then a predefinied compressor configuration 'none' will be 
used. (what means: do not compress)
-otherwise it can a really user definied compressor configuration. This 
compressor configurations will be stored in a new node type, and will be 
set using mkfs or runtime. But it is only in long term - not now.

To process this userconf should be also only an option in Kconfig.

What do you think?


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