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Re: JFFS2 mount time - 3 more questions

Hi Artem,

> 1. How large are your summary nodes (in average) for blocks full of 
> dirents/nodes ?

It heavily depends on
- the size of the earase block
- the sizes of the nodes
It is 4 words for every jffs2_raw_inode. Dirents are stored separatedly 
  without summary.

> 2. Why do not you use compression for them?

To make boot time as fast as possible :) But not a bad idea. If someone 
needs it we can make a new option.

> 3. Why did you introduce new tool instead of just adding new options to 
> the mkfs.jffs2 ?

I think it is "nicer", cleaner design, and uing this separation the 
reordering of the nodes is much more easier.


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