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Re: Time for JFFS3?

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 08:38, David Woodhouse wrote:
> There's a lot of new stuff pending, and in the absence of a 2.7 kernel I
> don't really want to destabilise the code too much. I think it's
> probably time to take a branch and call it JFFS3, and dump all the new
> and exciting stuff into it. JFFS2 would then be strictly bug fixes only.
> 	- Ferenc's summary support.
> 	- Artem's inode checkpoints and other stuff
> 	- xattr support
> 	- Splitting writes into nextblock_newstuff and nextblock_gc
> It would probably still be able to mount existing JFFS2 images but you
> probably wouldn't be able to go back.
> Any objections?

Sounds good to me.  Like we discussed in IRC, I'd prefer a separate
jffs3 directory.  But it's your tree :).


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