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Linux 2.4 driver problem


we are using the JFFS2 file system on an embedded system with an ARM PXA CPU
and a Linux 2.4.19 kernel. There are two JFFS2 partitions. Sometimes files
are destroyed, which result in a file error when trying to do a "ls" on the
directory. And sometimes there are kernel OOPS in filemap_nopage (see
http://www.frank-buss.de/tmp/error.txt). My questions:

- are there any bugfixes from the version in kernel 2.4.19 to the current
- is it possible to back-port the current version to the 2.4.19 kernel?
- is it possible that the filemap_nopage errors are caused by the
- is it possible that two mounted JFFS2 partitions can cause problems?

Upgrading our system to kernel 2.6 is not possible, because the project is
already late and there are no other problems with the current kernel.


Frank Buss

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