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Re: Linux 2.4 driver problem

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 13:41, Frank Buss wrote:
> Hi,
> we are using the JFFS2 file system on an embedded system with an ARM PXA CPU
> and a Linux 2.4.19 kernel. There are two JFFS2 partitions. Sometimes files
> are destroyed, which result in a file error when trying to do a "ls" on the
> directory. And sometimes there are kernel OOPS in filemap_nopage (see
> http://www.frank-buss.de/tmp/error.txt). My questions:
> - are there any bugfixes from the version in kernel 2.4.19 to the current
> version?

Yes, a whole lot of them.

> - is it possible to back-port the current version to the 2.4.19 kernel?

Possibly, but no 2.4 kernels are supported really.  See:

You might be better off pulling JFFS2 from the latest 2.4 kernel and
using that.

> - is it possible that the filemap_nopage errors are caused by the
> filesystem?

Not sure.

> - is it possible that two mounted JFFS2 partitions can cause problems?

Again, not sure.  I don't remember any such problems, but it's been a
while.  The archives might be able to help with that question.

> Upgrading our system to kernel 2.6 is not possible, because the project is
> already late and there are no other problems with the current kernel.

I can sympathize with that.  Good luck.


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