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Re: Time for JFFS3?

David Woodhouse wrote:
> I don't see why. It doesn't really hurt much, surely?
I don't know. I just do things for linux and don't know whether it will 
work on eCos.... :-(
>>I just think about the possibility to change the format of some nodes. 
>>this case, if we mount JFFS2 image using JFFS3, we write JFFS3 nodes 
>>there. As the result we have the image with mixed JFFS2 + JFFS3 nodes. 
>>to determine which file-system is this on the next mount? I believe, 
>>is solvable, but I suspect this will not be easy...
> JFFS2 will refuse to mount the filesystem when it sees unknown nodes --
> just like ext2 will refuse to mount an uncleanly mounted ext3 file
> system.
But If we mount the mixed image in JFFS3, we may have to implement some 

Best Regards,
Artem B. Bityuckiy,
St.-Petersburg, Russia.

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