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Filename lenght > 1?

Repost, to sure that the original went through

Hi all.

This is my first post on the system, so please bear with we :)

I'm seeing the strangest behavior on my JFFS2 partition. I'm running
Linux 2.4.20 on a MIPS platform and have enabled JFFS2 support in the
kernel. I've verified that the MTD portion is working correctly. 

When I mount the relevant mtdblock device everything seems okay. I can
copy files across and all looks good. As soon as I un-mount the JFFS2
partition and re-mount it, the files have disappeared. What makes this
confusing it the only files with a filename length of 1 character are
saved and available after a remount or boot, all other files with
filenames greater that one character disappear. This holds true for
directories as well. Weird? Has anyone seen anything like this before?
Any ideas on where to start debugging are greatly appreciated...

PS: JFFS1 is working fine.


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