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Problems writing to an area of Flash not covered by jffs2 partition.


I'm trying to directly update a value in an area of Flash not covered by 
my jffs2 partition and am hitting problems.  Once I've written to the 
flash I get the following errors popping up whenever I try to type 
anything on the board:

Node CRC 00800080 != calculated CRC f62bca25 for node at 
bash: /bin/ls: Input/output 

Reboot the board and everthing is hunky dory so it doesn't look like any 
damage is done.  I am using a 256MB Intel StrataFlash part and I'm 
thinking the problem lies with unlocking the flash.  According to the 
Intel Datasheet the lock bits for all blocks in flash are unlocked 
simultaneously by the one command, so when I go to unlock my little 
section of Flash I actually unlock all of it.  I'm assuming that this is 
messing up the CRCs for each node, but am new to jffs2 so can't be 
sure.  I have previously written to the OTP section of flash without 
problems, however since it uses special write commands (write 0xC0 to 
flash followed by data to specific protection register address) I figure 
it doesn't affect the jffs2 filesystem at all.

Has anyone ever seen this or can anyone tell me whether my assumptions 
about unlocking above are correct?  Failing that does anyone have any 
notion how I can program to a separate area of Flash without corrupting 
my jffs2 filesystem?  Thanks!


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