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newbie to JFFS2

Dear all,

    I am new to the concept of Flash File System. I had gone thro' the
JFFS2 white paper and to an extent the source code of JFFS2. I have the
following doubt:

1) I am seeing that the filenames are not being stored along with the
inode but with dentry nodes? If I want to make nodes self referential
(inode number and filename in the same raw inode structure), is it
possible? I was trying to go thro' the JFFS source, but their again the
file names are not stored in the JFFS_raw_inode structure (but in the
white paper it is mentioned that filenames are stored along with the
metadata). Can anyone please clarify exactly how filenames are being
handled in JFFS2? Really it would be a great help to me.

2) Is anyone using versioning alongwith JFFS2? If so, have you modified
the exisiting JFFS2 source or are you using concepts like stackable file
system to achieve your requirements? If possible, can you experience be

I thanks all of you for patiently going thro' my mail. 

With best regards,

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