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Re: newbie to JFFS2


>>>>> "Srivatsan" == Srivatsan  <srivatsan@xxxxxxx.com> writes:
    Srivatsan> 1) I have a requirement in my software to make the
    Srivatsan> filesystem self referential. For this I had gone thro'
    Srivatsan> JFFS source code and also JFFS2 source code. But the
    Srivatsan> problem is that the filename representations are

  You'll have to explain what this means, and why you care about it.
  It could mean a hundred different things to different people. It could
be as simple as having a device node in the JFFS2 file system which
refers to the JFFS2 device. 

    Srivatsan> 2) What I meant by versioning is the version for each
    Srivatsan> file (e.g., CVS) being stored on the file system. If
    Srivatsan> anybody can give me a case study of how
    Srivatsan>    they have done this, might be very useful to me.

  Generally, you should avoid doing all of this in a single file system.

  Instead, layer another file system on top of JFFS2.
You may want to look at Sun "Translucent File system", or BSD's "union"
file systems. 

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