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RE: newbie to JFFS2

Thanks Mr.Michael.

Our software requirement is such that we need a self referential file
system. We are in the development of a very critical system and out
architect feels that there is a room for failure while the filesystem is
trying to retrieve the filename from the dentry data structure
(eventually the data is there but the block storing the filename has
gone bad). So it has been decided that Filenames shall be stored along
with the inode numbers in the same structure so that each node can have
the filename field stored.

For this idea, I had gone thro JFFS(v1) source code but the filename are
not stored along with the inode number but they are stored in the
overall filesystem control structure (jffs_control). But in the white
paper it is mentioned that filenames are stored along with the metadata?
Which is right? Thanks again.  

Hope I have clarified my point. 

With Regards,

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