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JFFS2 bad block managment scheme

 I am using linux 2.6.19 and have a few queries regarding linux mtd.
 Im using a JFFS2 filesystem.

 Regarding bad block management - What kind of bad block management does
 mtd and jffs2 use?.

 What happens when the filesystem detects that a block is bad?.

 how does it work?.

 What it does when it detects a block is bad?. How does JFFS2
determine a block is bad?.

 A failed ECC?

 Suppose i give a write and a block is bad inbetween what does it
do?. Just stores it in the next good block?.

How does read happen in the same case?

Are there any utils to test the robustness of a jffs2 filesystem?

Im doing hundreds of writes in a shell script.


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